loyal cutomer

We are launching our loyal customers program to reward customers who support our business! We really want to show our appreciation to you and so we have created this program to help you save more and potentially earn a little too! 

To get started, just follow the steps below. For full details continue to read on.

Register an account – Just click register at the top of the page!


Join or Facebook group


Stylist, please message us for more details on how you can get started! 

Perks of the group:

  • All members will be able to receive 15% off their first purchase.
  • Members will be able to use our $30 off coupon unlimited times for any order over $200!
  • Members will be able to message us for a custom bundle deal. What this mean is that if you are on a budget and the hair you want just isn’t in your price range, we can try to help you by offering you a coupon or discount to make it just a little more affordable. However, we will not entertain extremely low offers.
  • Stylists are welcomed!!! Stylists will receive 20% off of each order they place for their clients. Stylists can also create their own prices to make even more! We have a separate package deal for stylists and they must complete certain steps before being able to use our hair to sell to clients.
  • Earn 10% of every sale! Members are able to join our referral program. You will be able to earn money just by referring friends & family to our store to make a purchase! The best part about our referral program is that you can increase the 10% that you earn just by referring more people.


You must register an account on our website. This is how we will keep track of your activity and send you members only discounts & coupons. These discounts & coupons will only be available to members of the group and will not be valid for nonmembers!

You must become a member of our loyal customers group.  This is where you will be able to receive your coupons and get members only discounts & savings.

Stylists must be able to prove they are licensed. This is to prevent fraud and non-stylist getting stylists discounts. If you are not licensed, send us a message to see if we can help you and your business.

If you join our referral program, you must have a PayPal account! This is how we will pay you for your referrals. You can request for a PayPal debit card to spend your earnings. PayPal debit cards can be used just like any debit card and will work in all stores!!